Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Little Vinyl Goes a Long Way...

Pin It I love the big glass jars in my newly redone laundry room.  I got them at Wally World several years ago and have used them in many different ways.  I was ready to add a little detail to them and thought that vinyl numbers would be an inexpensive and cute solution. 

If you're new to vinyl decals, I'll give you a quick tutorial.

1.  The numbers came all on one sheet.  I simply used scissors to cut them apart.
2.  Sloooowly pull off the bottom layer. 
3.  The number or letter should appear backwards.
4.  Place the number (sticky side down) on your clean jar.  Start at the bottom and and work your way up.  Use your finger to firmly press and rub on the vinyl.  You want to work out any air bubbles.
5.  Pull off the adhesive cover.  Remove slowly and carefully!
6.  Done!  If you see any air bubbles, use your finger to press them out.

Monogrammed, labeled, and numbered glassware is everywhere like in Pottery Barn and West Elm.  A much cheaper option is buying the glassware at a discount store and then adding your own vinyl decals.  The other bonus?  You can easily remove the vinyl when you're ready to change it up again!  I buy all my vinyl numbers and letters on Etsy.  You can find just about any size, color, or font!

Here are some other ways I have used vinyl decals:
On a plate!

I placed the H decal on the glass of the picture frame.  I can change out the scrapbook paper underneath to match different color schemes.  Love this idea!  Are you noticing all of the framed dog photos we have around here?

...and of course Miss L's buckets in her nursery.

My hubby found this little goodie in the alley one day.  I like to think I brought her dignity back by painting her a robin egg blue and slapping a vinyl H on her.  She never looked better!

Want to have some vinyl fun too?  Shelly, over at House of Smiths (one of the most amazing DIY blogs you will EVER see) sells super cute decals for the home, holidays, etc. 


  1. looove this! i wish my pantry was gorgeous... :)

    1. Not yet, Jen! You could be the lucky winner! :)