Monday, October 22, 2012

Quick Family Photo Shoot

Pin It My sister-in-law asked me to snap some pictures of her family.  I was happy to do it and glad to gain some experience with taking pictures of other people's kiddos!  I love how the photos came out.

Good looking fam, huh?

My nephew is quite photogenic, don't you think?  He was easy!

He's such a ham!  He wanted to look at the camera screen after every silly face he made.  He cracks himself (and me) up!

Miss G. isn't as easy to photograph as her brother.  She's just as photogenic but doesn't really like having her picture taken.  My trick?  Booger jokes! :)

Love this!

Hello, Gorgeous!  Is he not adorable?

This is just one more cutie-pie niece of mine.  She doesn't take a bad picture. :) 

We did this photo shoot in about 20 minutes total!  With kids, you have to shoot fast and take as many pics as possible!  I enjoyed myself, and I think we ended up with some awesome pics!

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