Tuesday, November 27, 2012

DIY Week: 20 Minute Burlap Banner

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Holiday DIY Week continues today!
Since we're in a new house, I wanted to start fresh with some new decor.  I've debated between going for a more glam and glittery holiday look, or a natural and simple approach.  I think I'm going to settle somewhere in between with lots of burlap, boxwood, red ornaments, and milk glass.  I should be able to easily tie in some of my old favorite decorations with the new decor.

Here is my next DIY holiday project: a cute burlap banner made in 20 minutes!

1.  In the true DIY spirit lazy approach, I bought these burlap pennants pre-cut at Meijer.  They also have pre-cut triangles. 
2.  Using Microsoft Word, I printed out JOY in bold print.  I used Times New Roman, font size 250.
3.  I cut out the letters and centered them on the pennants.
4.  Using a ball point pen I traced the letters onto the pennants.
5.  There, done tracing!  The pen easily wrote on the burlap.
6.  Using a sharpie marker, I colored in the letters.

Yup, it was that easy!

Here is the finished product:
Imagine this mirror in the middle of a beautiful holiday display...I think it will be perfect! :)

I originally found the idea for a banner like this one at Proverbs 31 Girl.

Have a great Tuesday!
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  1. love it! it turned out so fabulously!

  2. So cute! Adding to my list!



  3. Totally cute and sooo fast! We don't have Meijer in Sicily, though... and I have no idea where to find burlap, so this year I'll just enjoy online. :-)

  4. Such a beautiful post! Love your blog ;) Over from Taterjots and Jello party.