Monday, November 19, 2012

Painting Our Tired Tiles

Pin It The painting continues today!  Everything is going great, but it is taking longer than expected.  The hardest part is keeping Miss L and our dog out of the painter's way.  We end up holed up in the master bedroom, which, I think I'm speaking for the three of us here, gets booooring.  I think we're going to head up to one of my favorite antiquing towns in Michigan today to busy ourselves (not the dog, she's staying here).

I want to share one of the major changes that this painting project is bringing; the mantel and tile surround!  We wanted to paint all of the woodwork in the house white, so, obviously, the mantel was going to change.  After discussing it with the painter, it was decided that we would also go ahead and paint the rather dingy and tired tiles as well.  I am very pleased with this decision, and I think you'll agree it is a change for the better!

And after:
Ooooh!  Do yo love?  Doesn't it look so much cleaner and better?  It looks a little stark now, but that's because the walls aren't painted yet.  Just imagine that contrast when they are!  Our painter simply sanded the tile and then primed, caulked, and painted it just like the trim.  We are using Benjamin Moore's "White Dove" on our trim and doors.  The walls will be Benjamin Moore's "Vapor Trails".
I hope you have a good day!  Say a little prayer for me as I drag my toddler out of the house for a long day of antiquing....


  1. Actually, knowing that all the woodwork would be painted white, the idea piqued my interest already. It would be great that cool pieces would be distributed around the house. But it still struck me when I saw the result. Repainting the tiles is an absolutely great idea. Nice one! :) However, be careful when you grout them, as doing so might scratch the paint.

    Leeanne ^.^

  2. Hope antiquing went well... and hey, if it didn't at least you can come home to a FABULOUS NEW FIREPLACE!!!! love it!!!!

  3. Love this makeover! So simple but makes a great impact!

  4. The tiles look absolutely gorgeous! I think the design looks Mediterranean, which is always a classy look to go for. The color is cooler and easier on the eyes, and I just love how it looks with that lovely ottoman you have there! Also, yeah, it does look cleaner that way – just keep the walls bare and avoid putting up too many fixtures so you get that minimalist kind of look. Cheers, April!

    Melva Rivers