Sunday, September 30, 2012

I Went Shopping..Sort Of.

Pin It Miss L and I had some errands to run yesterday.  We stopped at TJ Maxx, and I sort of shopped.  I say "sort of" because I didn't end up with a darn thing for myself.  I did snap a few pictures of some awesome party supplies that I saw.  If you're planning a child's birthday party, or a shower, you need to stop at a TJ Maxx or Marshall's.  They have recently started carrying corresponding cupcake wrappers and toppers.  How stinkin' cute are these?  I almost started grabbing them for future birthday parties that I may or may not throw.  Then I realized that that would be ridiculous, so I saved them for you!

If you don't plan on making cupcakes, you can also use these for cake balls.

Don't worry, Miss L and I didn't both leave empty handed.  She fell in love at the store, and we ended up leaving with this:

Yup.  It's a huge cow.  With a tutu on.

 Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sneak Peak: Miss L's First Birthday Party

Pin It Even though Miss L won't be turning one for about another month and a half, I've started making decorations for her birthday party.  The theme: Vintage Cupcake (and no, the cupcakes themselves will not be vintage)!  We will be serving cupcakes in lieu of cake and there will be many vintage touches. 

I am making tissue paper rose bouquets for the dessert table and maybe the mantel (?) Not sure yet! See a tutorial on making tissue paper flowers.

I found a beautiful  vintage tablecloth in Allen, MI (one of my fave antiquing towns).  The tablecloth inspired the party colors: light pink, dark pink, and blue.

Large vintage looking cloth cupcake napkins will adorn the main table and maybe food table(?)  I bought these at a store in Shipshewana, IN.

I found these cupcake inspired treat bags at the dollar bin at Target!  Score!

I think the key to throwing a inexpensive themed party is planning ahead of time.  I've been on the look out for months for cupcake themed items, so I've been able to snag things pretty cheap or wait until they go on sale.

This party is going to be so cute! Too bad she's not old enough to actually remember any of it! :)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fall Mantel and My First Link Party!

Pin It You know when you have a vision of how you want your decorating project to turn out?  Well, in this case, I had no idea which direction I was going.  I just knew that I was going to spray paint some pumpkins and dig around in my bin of fall decorations to achieve some sort of fall mantel that was cute. 

Mission accomplished!  I love the way these metallic pumpkins catch the light and add a touch of glam to the mantel.  I jammed carefully placed craft sticks down the center of the stacked pumpkins to keep them together.  Since most of these pumpkins are cheapy and made of Styrofoam, it was easy to push the stick through the bottom two, then place one on top. 
Need some inspiration? You can check out my mantel, as well as a lot of other fall mantles at Centsational Girl's website.  I'll be linking up my photos!  So exciting!

For a complete metallic pumpkin tutorial, click here!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Metallic Pumpkin Centerpiece

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Happy Monday!  This weekend was full of lots of metallic spray paint and Dollar General pumpkins and gourds.  I will be showing off all of my hard work in tomorrow's mantel post.  I am excited to be participating in my first link party tomorrow as well at Centsational Girl's blog!

After spray painting all of my little pumpkins and gourds, I wanted to make a larger metallic pumpkin for my kitchen table centerpiece.  This particular pumpkin is spray painted with Krylon's "Champagne" color.  I just plunked it into my footed bowl and added colorful leaves and acorns.  Cute! Easy! Simple!
I should mention that this is a fake pumpkin, no real pumpkins were harmed during the spray painting marathon that went down in my garage!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Sweet Room for a Sweet Girl

Pin It Now that Miss L is 10 months old, I look back at my pregnant self with amusement.  I thought I had to have EVERYTHING ready for the first 6 mo. of her life.  The drawers of her dresser were full of enough washed clothing for her to wear for a year.  I had every kind of baby medicine you could ever need (I still haven't used most of it).  Diapers? Wipes? Enough for months! 

I was baby crazy....and, not surprisingly, I went crazy decorating her nursery too.  I busied myself making lots of accessories and had lots of fun doing it!!

One of my favorite things I did was make "birdie prints".  I was inspired by prints I saw on Etsy.  Instead of buying them, I decided to make the prints myself using scrapbook paper.  I found these frames at Home Goods and spray painted them "Sweet Pea" by Krylon.

 Another favorite project was making decorative buckets.  The possibilities are endless for these.  I put glass jars in one and keep her q-tips, cotton balls, etc. in it.  The other houses her washcloths.  I ordered these vinyl decal monograms on Etsy. Tying little bits of ribbon onto the handles also added a little bit of color.  These were spray painted with the same "Sweet Pea" color as the frames.

This ABC board is made of scrapbooking letter stickers, bought at Hobby Lobby.  I didn't trust the "stick" on the back of the stickers to last for a long time, so I actually dabbed hot glue on the back of the letters for reinforcement.  I used a blank canvas and sprayed the finished product with Krylon's Low Odor Clear Finish spray.  I used scrapbook paper to make the little owl, star, umbrella, etc.

The best part of her room, in my opinion, are the yarn-wrapped letters with felt flowers.  These were super easy to make, and make a great focal point in the room.  I used this tutorial to make the letters.  The scrapbook paper flags underneath are the perfect finishing touch!

I wonder if I'll have as much time to make accessories for the next kiddo's nursery...I'm guessing no.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Console Table Facelift!

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I've been on the hunt for a perfect cheap console table for my living room.  I found this gem at an antique shop and haggled it down to $25. Just a quick sand with some medium grit sand paper, and a couple of coats of my fave "Heirloom White" by American Accents did the trick! This little table looked much better!

I considered buying new hardware, but in the spirit of being cheap  a DIYer, I tried spray painting them with a color I like to call "gilver".  Gold + Silver = Gilver.  Add some gilver frames on top, and it all works well!

When we finally get paint on the walls, this little table will look great!  Now I'm considering my options for what to put under the table.  A crate with pillows maybe?

Dollar General Pumpkins...Transformed!

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I've been inspired lately by all of the metallic fall decor I've seen in the Pottery Barn catalog.  Since I've been adding industrial touches in my home, I thought I'd try my hand at some industrial-inspired fall decorations! I'm pleased with the way my Dollar General pumpkins transformed!

1.  I picked up these fall decorations at the DG for $3 each.  They had a mix of pumpkins, gourds, and pine cones...I think I'll save the pine cones for some holiday decorating!
2.  I used some blue painter's tape to tape off the stems.
3.  Next, I primed my gourds and pumpkins with some white spray paint primer.
4.  To finish them off I chose several finishes.  Shown is the metallic spray paint in "brushed nickel". 

I also used some "dover white" spray paint and hot glued on some snappy thingys I found in the clearance bin at Michael's. A few of the pumpkins got finished in a glittery spray.  I nixed the gourds...they looked weird.

I love how the pumpkins turned out!  They go well with my brushed nickel finishes and industrial accessories.  Now I just need to make some more for the mantel.  And a few more for a kitchen table centerpiece.  And some bigger ones for the front stoop.....Aren't the possibilities endless?!?
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